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Are you looking for an experienced bicycle mechanic who can get your bike in top condition? I am an experienced bicycle mechanic and started my apprenticeship at Radsport Gerber AG in 2011.

About me:

Since starting my apprenticeship in 2011 at Radsport Gerber AG, I have acquired extensive knowledge and skills in the field of bicycle mechanics. I worked at Radsport Gerber AG until 2015, after which I worked at Squadra Mondo and later at Trophy Bike AG. Since 2020, I have been self-employed and offer first-class services for all types of bicycles, including mountain bikes, road bikes, e-bikes and city bikes.

My services:

  • Professional repairs: Fast and reliable repairs for all bicycle brands and models.

  • Bicycle construction: Precise assembly and construction of bicycles, bikes and bicycles according to the highest quality standards.

  • Safety checks: Thorough inspections to ensure your bike is in perfect condition and roadworthy.

  • Maintenance and care: Regular maintenance to maximize the life and performance of your bike.

Why choose me?

  • Many years of experience: Over 10 years of experience as a bicycle mechanic, with positions at Radsport Gerber AG, Squadra Mondo and Trophy Bike AG.

  • Expertise: Comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the field of bicycle mechanics.

  • Customer satisfaction: Highest priority on customer satisfaction and high quality services.

Contact me:

Trust in my many years of experience and expertise for all your bicycle needs. Contact me today to make an appointment and benefit from first-class service. Your bike is in the best hands with me!


Jetmir Popaj Zweiradmechaniker EFZ
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